Pine Valley Pistol Club


The Pine Valley Pistol Club is home to the largest IPSC pistol club in Western Australia and is one of the largest IPSC clubs in country. Situated within the Whiteman Park International Shooting in the Perth Northern suburbs, PVPC has arguably the best facilities of any club within IPSC Australia that only shoots IPSC and ICORE.  Currently with 17 ranges, Pine Valley Pistol Club offers a lot of variety when it comes to the design of our stages.

The International Practical Shooting Confederation is the ruling body of this exciting shooting sport. IPSC pistol shooting involves moving through courses of fire shooting at paper and steel targets with specialised target pistols. The sports motto of DVC – Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (Accuracy, Power, Speed) reflects the style of shooting where competitors move at high speed and solve complex shooting problems in a freestyle manner. IPSC is a great spectator sport and it is more akin to an extreme sport than the traditional slow fire pistol shooting seen at the Olympics.

If you think that this could be something for you, we encourage you to reach out via our website and book in a time to come to the club and see what this is all about!  Our committee members will be happy to take the time and explain what IPSC is all about, show you around the club and make sure that all your questions are answered, however it is important to note that visitation to the club requires prior booking and approval, with walk-ins not allowed.

The PVPC Website

This website contains everything you need to know about IPSC, Pine Valley Pistol Club, shooting as a sport, joining the club as well as the training and licensing process.  Our members (specifically the trainers) are always happy   to provide answers to any questions you might have, but make sure you take a look through the pages as the majority of what you’re going to be asking will be located somewhere here.


If you’ve had a look at the site and you think that IPSC is something you want to get into, well you’re in the right place!  To express your interest in joining use the Contact Us link to let us know.