Steel Challenge

Steel ChallengeThe Steel Challenge match is very different to the normal IPSC matches.  As the name suggests, it comprises 100% of steel targets.  The competitor starts in a static location with his/her hands above their shoulders.  On the start signal, they must engage all the steel targets, putting one round on each targets (you will hear a loud *ding* if you hit the target) finishing on what’s called the ‘stop plate’.  This is usually a steel plate standing on a red post.

The time it takes you to shoot all five targets and finish on the stop plate is then recorded.  The competitor repeats this process 5 times per stage (there’s usually between 5-8 stages) with the slowest time out of the 5 runs being discarded.

At the end of the day, the times are added up, and the person with the lowest time wins the match.  These matches also have separate divisions, such as Production & Standard, but the RimFire division is also present in this match.  This means you can shoot your .22LR pistol!