How To Join


PVPC always welcomes enquiries about its activities.  Anyone interested in knowing more about the practical shooting disciplines are encouraged to go online to see what the sports of practical pistol, rifle and shotgun have to offer.  Suggested organisations to research are:

  • IPSC
  • Steel Challenge

If after taking a look at what the practical shooting disciplines have to offer, make an appointment to visit PVPC using the Contact Us link above and a day and time will be organised for a visit where a dedicated member will provide you with information about the association, the facilities, the training and financial expenditure involved and the ‘next steps’ if you wish to apply for membership.


For new members PVPC provides a training course that runs for 12-14 weeks which will bring you from never having touched a pistol before, to passing your holster proficiency test and then to compete with all the other members in the weekly competitions.  Each training group allows for about 15 places so each participant has the right amount of attention.