Notifications Board

The notifications board is exactly what is seems.  All the notifications that we believe are important to the PVPC members will be posted here.  The weather at the club is right below, so you can work out whether it’s going to be a wet shoot or not.


02/08/2017 – Change to Saturday Schedule

There are two changes that are being brought in, effective Saturday the 12th of August.  One of which is permanent, the other is a three month trial.

  1. Stop shooting before Club Match (permanent)

At 11am on every Saturday Club Match (not including Trophy Shoots at this stage), all shooting must stop.  This includes practice, chrono, sighting in etc.  There will be no shooting on any of the ranges from 11am onwards.
If you’d like to come down to the club on a Saturday to practice, chrono, sight in etc, you’re of course free to do so, however it has to be before 11am, and you have to be completely finished by 11am.

The only exception to this rule are the current group of trainees who may be going through their training course on Range 1.  They are permitted to continue shooting.

  1. Each squad builds a stage & sign-on time change (three month trial)

Sign-on must be completed before 12pm.  You must be squadded up and ready to go before 12pm.  At 12pm, the tablets will be synced, buckets will be given to each squad and you will also be given a mud-map of one stage. 

Each squad will be responsible for building the stage, as per the mud-map you will be provided. 

There will be no need to move walls etc, it will simply be stapling of targets and setting up some steel as mentioned on the particular mud-map.

Once stage build is completed, the Saturday Captain will inspect each stage to ensure it’s safe to shoot and adheres to his map, then he will approve the stage and the squads will begin their Saturday shoot.  It is estimated the stage builds will take less than an hour to get setup, allowing all squads to be shooting by the traditional 1pm start time.


31/10/2016 – Smoking Restrictions

This is just a quick email to let you know that starting in 2017, there will be new smoking restrictions at PVPC. Effective January 1st, 2017, smoking will no longer be allowed under any shelters, including the following:

• Club Room Veranda (where vending machine is)
• Scoring Room
• Toilets
• Sheds
• Safety Area (including BBQ area)
• Range shelters
o Shelters next to each range

The easiest way to remember it is if you’re under a roof, smoking is prohibited.

Whilst this comes into effect at the beginning of next year, a friendly reminder that under West Australian legislation, you’re currently not allowed to smoke within 5 metres of an entrance to any building (i.e. bar entrance or club room entrance).