Firearms License

e2b45f662cd075d85728bc0f0d42601aObtaining your firearms license is a very complex process, and comes with great responsibility.  Throughout your training at PVPC, our trainers will take you through all the required steps to safely operate a firearm, for the purpose of competing in IPSC competitions.

The assumption is that once you’ve completed your training course, and you’ve built up enough experience competing using the club firearms, it’s time to take the next step and purchase your own pistol.  This can be a daunting process as there is a lot of paperwork required, and there’s a very specific process to follow.

In order to satisfy the requirements for obtaining a WA Firearms License, you must complete/obtain the following:

  1. Be a financial member of a Pistol Club for a minimum of 6 months
  2. Complete your firearms awareness written test (this applies if you’re applying for an original firearms license).
  3. Purchase your firearm from a licensed firearm dealer
  4. Obtain a serviceability certificate for the specific firearm
    1. This is a form to prove that your newly purchased firearm is serviceable and will operating correctly and safely
    2. This is required for a brand new firearm, or a second hand purchase
  5. Obtain signed club support forms
    1. These are forms provided by the club, signed by the president of the club, confirming the club supports your purchase of the specific firearm, and it can be used for IPSC/PVPC matches.
    2. New forms are required for every firearm purchased which requires club support.
  6. Submit application with all the required paperwork
  7. Purchase a compliant firearms safe and ensure it’s correctly secured (refer to this document for the specifics on securing your safe).

Once you have the above mentioned items, you can now put in your application for a firearms license.  There will be a mandatory 28 day cooling off period, after which you will be required to submit a Stat Dec to the Police showing your newly purchased and installed firearms safe, which meets the requirements to store a firearm and ammunition.  Information regarding this safe can be found on the WA Police firearms website as well.

For more information on the requirements of licensing a firearm, please go to the 
WA Police Firearms

Further information can be found at these links:

WA Firearms Act 1973

WA Firearms Regulations 1974

Note: during your training process, the PVPC trainers will make sure you know how to go through the licensing process.  Whilst you won’t be able to start the licensing process immediately, when the time comes, all the information will be supplied to ensure that you’re not in the dark on what’s required to obtain your firearms license.