IPSC Divisions/Rules

f45247698f4b10e20d35064cfe4e7717There are 5 divisions which you can compete in IPSC.  Each division represents specific rules, firearms and limitations upon which you are required to adhere to.

  • Production
  • Standard
  • Open
  • Classic
  • Revolver

Most divisions (exception is Production) also allow you to compete shooting Major loads, or Minor loads.  There is a requirement to meet a certain minimum Power Factor in order to qualify for shooting the Minor or the Major loads.  The advantage of shooting a Major load is that you get more points for the C and D zones on the target.  This is because the assumption is that the larger recoil is harder to control.  Will it pay off?  Well that’s for you to find out! 


It is important that you are aware of the IPSC rules when competing.  You can view the most up to date version of the IPSC rules by clicking the button below:

IPSC Rules